Classic Original by Litejoy 10ml


Litejoy's Classic Original flavour eliquid has a fresh yet mellow tobacco flavour and a subtle musky aroma. Classic Original eliquid gives you the familiar tobacco kick although it doesn't contain tobacco, tar or any of the other 4000+ dangerous chemicals found in a regular cigarette making it a healthier alternative. Classic Original 10ml eliquid is available in the following nicotine strengths: - 2.4% (24mg) High Strength - 1.8% (18mg) Medium Strength - 0.8% (8mg) Low Strength - 0.3% (3mg) Low Strength Premium quality E-Liquid in Classic Original (tobacco flavour) is pre-mixed and come in a 10ml bottle. Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and Litejoy flavours. May contain nuts. PG 50%/VG 50% for a better throat hit and greater vapour. Eliquid is supplied in a plastic bottle with a child-proof lid. Litejoy electronic cigarette liquid is made to UK/EU/US standards. EC label EC 200-193-3. Additional product information: The high VG content in the 0.3% (3mg) E-Liquid makes it more suitable for a high powered MOD, which will provide more vapour.

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