Elf Bar Mate500 P1 Pre-filled Pods 2ml Blue Razz 2pack

Elf Bar

The P1 Prefilled Pods are filled with the best flavours from the Elfbar Disposable range, and comes complete with 20mg of nictoine with a capacity of 2ml. These are closed system pods meaning that once all the eliquid has been used you are unable to refill them, simply dispose of it and load up another.

The P1 Prefilled Pods are compatible with the Mate500 device and provide a great nicotine delivery system, they also utilise a 1.2ohm pod and provides a Mouth To Lung vaping style to create the sensation of a draw of a cigarette more accurately. 

 Please Note: The coil is not already primed and does require the e-liquid to be released into the pod, you can do this by pushing the mouth piece onto the pod breaking the seal and releasing the e-liquid into the coil, please allow a few seconds for the e-liquid to run before using. 

Each pack contains 2 prefilled pods of Blue Razz flavour. 

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