Wotofo nexM Pro Tank Coil 3pack


There are four different choice of coils available. Each coil is built with high-quality materials and provides stunning flavour like never before.

#H15 Single Mesh and Parallel Coil
Pairing a mesh coil with a parallel wire coil create a whole new meaning to flavour.
Best at: 65-70W | Resistance: 0.15ohm

#H12 Clapton Mesh Coil
Formed into a mesh style, the Clapton uses A1 inner wire, which is wrapped in Ni80 outer wire to produce outstanding flavour.
Best at: 55-75W | Resistance: 0.2ohm

#H13 Single Conical Net Mesh Coil
By combining high density netting with a conical structure, this coil provides strong flavour and dense vapour.
Best at: 65-78W | Resistance: 0.15ohm

#H11 Single Conical NexMESH Coil
Iterated from Wotofo's pioneering conical mesh core.
Best at: 60-70W | Resistance: 0.ohm

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