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Hohm Tech Battery Protective Case

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Product Description

The Hohm Security Battery Carrier By Hohm Tech is designed to fit 18650,20700,21700 battery cells, with either a two or four battery holder that both have a belt clip  and loop for a secure carry and an impact padding inlay for safety.

The Hohm Security is form-fitted for 18650,20700,21700 li-ion cells and is built and designed for convenient storage and safe transportation of batteries. (Batteries sold separately)

The Hohm Security case supports either two or four cells and features a velcro lock design for secure carry. With a belt clip, belt loop, impact padding inlay, and a top D-ring.

Purpose-Built for convenient 18650, 20700,& 21700
li-ion cell security Woven poly material (future fray proof)
Form-fitted for 18650, 20700, & 21700 cells (batteries sold separately)

Package Contents
1xBattery case