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Suicide Bunny Route 44 0mg 100ml Shortfill

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Product Description

From the masters who brought you legendary collections, such as Suicide Bunny and King’s Crown, Proven is their latest and most remarkable series yet. This trailblazing assortment of e-liquids has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from vapers worldwide, with Route 44 as one of the shining stars. Smooth and delicious, you are certain to relish every last drop of this refreshingly delightful blend.

Route 44 E-Juice by Proven is an exceptionally appetizing flavor that will never tire the taste buds, and offers a well-balanced vape unlike anything you have tried. This gem very accurately delivers the taste of a lemon-lime sherbet ice cream. Smooth, creamy, and unequivocally mouthwatering, Route 44 is sure to secure a solid place at the top of your all-time favorites list.

Route 44 by Suicide Bunny comes as a 50ml vape juice and doesn't contain nicotine. There's space for nicotine to be added if desired.

If you enjoy the taste of sweet ice cream and dessert-inspired e-juice, Route 44 by Proven is the one for you!

70% / 30% | VG / PG